Healing Tools of Chinese Medicine

Learn how to use cupping and moxa safely and effectively
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This course is purely informational; the cost of the cups, moxa and other healing tools are not included in this program and must be purchased separately.

For each tool, you will learn:

  • Safety Precautions
  • What each tool does and how it works
  • Conditions each tool works well for
  • When (and when not) to use each tool
  • Body area(s) the tool can be used on
  • Special Methods/Techniques
  • Purchasing recommendations
  • How often, how much, how long to use

Recommended Products

I have partnered with LhasaDirect (my most trusted company for high-quality acupuncture supplies and herbal medicines), so that you can order supplies and have them shipped directly to you (same day shipping on all orders placed by 7pm, M-F).

Step 1: You will need to first set up a free patient account. Add ‘Stephanie Smith’ to the practitioner name field when you sign up.
Step 2: See below to learn more about my top recommended products and to add them to your cart. Please refer to the online videos so you can make an informed decision about which product(s) to purchase that best fit your needs. Email me at homehealingtips@gmail.com with any questions or for recommendations specifically for you!
Step 3: Feel free to check out the Lhasa website for additional products or other options, and use promo code at checkout: YQYOES05QA0F

14 Piece Glass Cupping Set

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Facial Cupping Set

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Ibuki (stick-on) Moxa

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Moxa Poles (smokeless)

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